Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slice The Pie Review of Earning Potential

I recently gave Slicethepie.com a try. Here is what I have found.

More Information: http://www.slicethepie.com
Pay: .05-.20/review
Hourly Pay: Around 6.00
Impression: Appears to be a good program for anyone who rides a bus or has a few minutes to kill with an internet connection. Make a little money, practice your typing speed. I see this as a Win-Win opportunity

Slicethepie.com has an easy sign up process, where you don't provide a ton of personal information. According to their user agreement Slicethepie.com will not spam you or sell your information, as is my interpretation.

You can earn as much as .20 dollars per review, though my highest payment for a single review was .17 dollars. If you were to receive maximum payment for each review working quickly for one hour the could earn 8 dollars. I don't believe this is physically possible, so I hypothesize 6.00 as an hourly pay rate.

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