Thursday, June 21, 2012

I was on American Idol

I found out American Idol Season 6 was coming to Seattle, WA. I sprung into action. Arranged time off work (at the time I was teaching Gymnastics, Driver's Education, and working for the Washington State Firefighters Association). And made T-Shirts.

I produced 50 "America's Idle - Reject" shirts.

On the first day I stood in line for hours. Over 10,000 people was the number of contestants. I worked my way through the crowd trying to sell my awesome T-shirts, however the overwhelming response was "How dare you, we brought a vocal coach" and "We take this seriously!". I sold 1 T-shirt.

The crowd worked its way into the Key Arena. The Score board was programmed to display text messages from contestants. So I took the opportunity and advertised my "Reject" T-shirts on the display, almost immediately the display was shut off.

 Sets of 4 contestants competed for a spot in round two. I sang London Calling by The Clash and Die Die My Darling by The Misfits. I was selected. I was also told to cool it on the theatrical hand motions, whatever.

Day 2 arrived I had been instructed to be ready to perform "Don't Cha" by The Pussy Cat Dolls. I had not slept. I was placed in front of a camera for the "camera test" which I apparently passed  as I was then guided into a hallway where I was in line behind Sanjay (finalist season 6). I entered the room Simon and Paula where not there, instead two people i did not recognize where judges and the third was the host from So You Think You Can Dance.

I choked I couldn't remember The Pussy Cat Doll's Lyrics, and due to nervousness I tensed up and was unable to display my full capacity, not that its really that impressive.

So yeah I was there, I did that, why, because I'm that awesome.

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