Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prometheus 3D

I went to Prometheus 3D recently, with A LOT of expectations.

When I initially saw the review I though "What? Is this someone ripping off the Giger style?" Soon this thought turned to awe as I realized that in fact a prequel was being released to the entire Alien institution. This was to be my first movie theater visit in over six years.

Not entirely disappointing but a definite empty feeling came over me with the final credits.
This is Why:

It is well understood that the Predators use the Aliens for sport hunting and at one time in our history Aliens where present on earth, due to the ritualistic hunting of the Predators. If that is so then why is the "first" human evolution of the Alien in our distant future. Are the Alien and Alien Versus Predator stories representative of two separate universes.

What is the relationship between the Space Jockeys and the Predators? We see in the end of Prometheus that the heroine takes off on some further adventure seeking answers. Does this mean that her story will be continued? Will we find out later that the Space Jockeys created the Predators as well?

It seems as though the original Alien concept has been hijacked by the recent interest in 2012. With cave paintings of an unknown constellation leading researchers to a distant planet starts this movie. With the additional twist that the Space Jockeys created life here on earth.

I would see this movie again. It is a fantastic addition to the Alien genre, primarily remaining true to feel of the sequels. However, this is not a horror movie. Prometheus is a fascinating science fiction thriller that almost fits with is predecessors.

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