Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A re-edit of my infamous Obama Punch video.

Prometheus 3D

I went to Prometheus 3D recently, with A LOT of expectations.

When I initially saw the review I though "What? Is this someone ripping off the Giger style?" Soon this thought turned to awe as I realized that in fact a prequel was being released to the entire Alien institution. This was to be my first movie theater visit in over six years.

Not entirely disappointing but a definite empty feeling came over me with the final credits.
This is Why:

It is well understood that the Predators use the Aliens for sport hunting and at one time in our history Aliens where present on earth, due to the ritualistic hunting of the Predators. If that is so then why is the "first" human evolution of the Alien in our distant future. Are the Alien and Alien Versus Predator stories representative of two separate universes.

What is the relationship between the Space Jockeys and the Predators? We see in the end of Prometheus that the heroine takes off on some further adventure seeking answers. Does this mean that her story will be continued? Will we find out later that the Space Jockeys created the Predators as well?

It seems as though the original Alien concept has been hijacked by the recent interest in 2012. With cave paintings of an unknown constellation leading researchers to a distant planet starts this movie. With the additional twist that the Space Jockeys created life here on earth.

I would see this movie again. It is a fantastic addition to the Alien genre, primarily remaining true to feel of the sequels. However, this is not a horror movie. Prometheus is a fascinating science fiction thriller that almost fits with is predecessors.

Slice The Pie Review of Earning Potential

I recently gave Slicethepie.com a try. Here is what I have found.

More Information: http://www.slicethepie.com
Pay: .05-.20/review
Hourly Pay: Around 6.00
Impression: Appears to be a good program for anyone who rides a bus or has a few minutes to kill with an internet connection. Make a little money, practice your typing speed. I see this as a Win-Win opportunity

Slicethepie.com has an easy sign up process, where you don't provide a ton of personal information. According to their user agreement Slicethepie.com will not spam you or sell your information, as is my interpretation.

You can earn as much as .20 dollars per review, though my highest payment for a single review was .17 dollars. If you were to receive maximum payment for each review working quickly for one hour the could earn 8 dollars. I don't believe this is physically possible, so I hypothesize 6.00 as an hourly pay rate.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Only Hunt in Self defense.

There was this one time I was working security, a common theme in my early twenties, for a National Wildlife Research Center where they kept several herds of deer. Two herds where wild, One was hand-raised. I entered the hand-raised deer pen, on my usual rounds, when suddenly I was surrounded.

Does crowded in all around me. Sniffing at my crotch as I backed up against the fence. Nervously making my way along the fence-line I noticed a buck out of the corner of my eye. He rared up at me as though to box. I grabbed his hooves and pushed him over backwards. He disappeared into the mulling herd.

I reached the corner and noticed the heard had broken up slightly. I was slammed into the chain-link and dropped to my knees as hooves pummeled my shoulders. It was Buba, ear tag #64, 250 lbs 5 point buck and leader of this damned herd. As I covered up to protect my face I saw an opening. Grabbing Buba up be the waist I hefted him to my shoulder like a hay-bail. Then I slammed him like a wrestler and later felt bad when I realized I broken his right antler.

If your gonna play with deer, don't wear Old Spice.

I was on American Idol

I found out American Idol Season 6 was coming to Seattle, WA. I sprung into action. Arranged time off work (at the time I was teaching Gymnastics, Driver's Education, and working for the Washington State Firefighters Association). And made T-Shirts.

I produced 50 "America's Idle - Reject" shirts.

On the first day I stood in line for hours. Over 10,000 people was the number of contestants. I worked my way through the crowd trying to sell my awesome T-shirts, however the overwhelming response was "How dare you, we brought a vocal coach" and "We take this seriously!". I sold 1 T-shirt.

The crowd worked its way into the Key Arena. The Score board was programmed to display text messages from contestants. So I took the opportunity and advertised my "Reject" T-shirts on the display, almost immediately the display was shut off.

 Sets of 4 contestants competed for a spot in round two. I sang London Calling by The Clash and Die Die My Darling by The Misfits. I was selected. I was also told to cool it on the theatrical hand motions, whatever.

Day 2 arrived I had been instructed to be ready to perform "Don't Cha" by The Pussy Cat Dolls. I had not slept. I was placed in front of a camera for the "camera test" which I apparently passed  as I was then guided into a hallway where I was in line behind Sanjay (finalist season 6). I entered the room Simon and Paula where not there, instead two people i did not recognize where judges and the third was the host from So You Think You Can Dance.

I choked I couldn't remember The Pussy Cat Doll's Lyrics, and due to nervousness I tensed up and was unable to display my full capacity, not that its really that impressive.

So yeah I was there, I did that, why, because I'm that awesome.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How I almost earned the name "Stubbs"

The Thursday of finals week spring 2011 I noticed a small red kind of scaly patch no larger than a dime. Location was posterior distal crus in the nape below the belly of the gastroc and before the achilles tendon I could make out two miniscule puncture wounds, each shaped like a tiny triangle and oriented as though they had been inserted at a shallow angle.

The following Monday I had swelling that appeared to be a half dollar in size. A body flu kept me from classes that day. Tuesday morning I noticed a golf ball sized swelling in the crus. Around 1pm I was able be looked at, The nurse took one look at my leg and expedited my lancing. The drainage was minimal. I was prescribed Sulfa and one other antibiotic.

Wednesday morning my leg was a mess. The cellulitis had spread from the achilles to midway up the gastroc, with an elevation of at lest 1/2". I returned to the clinic and it was decided that I needed an immediate round of gluteus-venous antibiotics (they jammed three needles in my but). I was kept for observation for 2 hours.

That night I noticed increased swelling. My foot kept giving strange feedback, not asleep but numb. At one point I could see discoloration in the top of my foot and I began to get scared. I could tell that compartmentalization was beginning to occur.

Friday morning the cellulitis has spread from my heel to my knee, and left only an inch of uninfected tissue on along the anterior distal surface of my tibia.

Just as I was getting ready to drive to the E.R the foot began to improve.

In conclusion if I had waited one more day I could have potentially lost my foot, from an insignificant infection that turned out to be regular Staphylococcus Aureus. I do have suspicions that injecting lidocaine directly into the abscess may have caused the infection to spread further into surrounding tissues.

Two months later and the scab is still healing.